4th Open Coffee Heraklion will take place on 25th of November, Saturday at Enartia Venue – offices of Papaki and Top.Host companies, to learn funding and supporting ways of entrepreneurship, to study successful examples of entrepreneurship, innovation and to discuss how we can apply them on our city’s ecosystem. Doors will open at 18:00 and Crop will have prepared for us the most aromatic coffee of the city, while speeches will begin at 18:30.

4th Open Coffee Heraklion will attend:

Spiros Arsenis, moderator of ΝΒG Business Seeds Programme, will talk about ΝΒG Business Seeds programme of funding and supporting innovative entrepreneurship of National Bank, about fintech accelerator, about funding programme i-fund through crowdfunding, and about the apply of the programmes in collaboration with the entities and private initiatives of Creta.

John Kopanakis, Vice Rector of TEI of Crete and Director of e-Business Intelligence Lab, will share his experience from International Visitor Leadership (IVLP) at United States, with us.

It is a project that supports global business activity and transatlantic economic affairs, examines the social, economic and political factors that affect and encourage the growth of private businesses, entrepreneurship and innovation. He will describe us best practices which successfully apply to similar to Heraklion ecosystems and how we can adapt them to our conditions.

Antonopoulou Marisa, Business Development Manager in Action Finance Initiative – AFI, will present the alternative funding tool of microcredit. Will refer the history of microfinance, as well the route of the organization from 2014 until today. She will talk about the obstacles that faced in the beginning and during its growth, she will present success stories of small businesses and unemployed people that have been supported. Finally, she wil present the characteristics and criteria of the tool, as well how can somebody has access to this.

The invitation is available to anybody that creates or wants to create, for those who want to occupy themselves with business, to meet people of this sector, to exchange ideas or to improve the already existing.

More information can be found here.