A collective effort by the inhabitants of Folegandros, the Municipality and DAFNI Network of Sustainable Greek Islands has just begun! The aim is to fund two necessary and very positive projects for the island, which will have multiple benefits for the environment, culture and the local economy.

Folegandros is a place ideal for walking! The paths are developed between the dry stone walls, pass through threshing floors, abandoned huts, lemon-houses and cross the whole island, giving a unique hiking network.

Through the crowdfunding process the campaign aims at organizing and highlighting the island’s hiking network as well as the construction of a safe pedestrian street linking the harbor with Folegandros town. The planning and development of the hiking network will enhance the development of special and mild forms of tourism, thus protecting the natural environment, traditions and cultural heritage of Folegandros.

At the same time, the construction of the pedestrian road that will connect Karavostassi to Chora will form a safe pedestrian zone alongside the current road, with specifications for the service of Reduced Mobility Individuals.

With these interventions, residents and visitors of Folegandros will have the opportunity to walk, tour and discover the island in a safe environment.

And the effort does not stop there! Folegandros becomes a reference point. Our goal is for the Greek islands to showcase and exploit their identity, natural heritage, local gastronomy, traditions and modern culture, and thus create conditions for sustainable local development and prosperity.

The “Folegandros Routes: a step for culture & nature” campaign is an innovative research and action project for both Folegandros and the wider islands, with the basic principles of active citizenship, respect for the natural landscape and the emergence of special forms.

More information can be found here.