Enterprise Greece and the Greek Wine Federation, sealing their multiannual cooperation, signed on the 4th of July 2017 a Cooperation Agreement aimed at jointly designing actions within the framework of a single export policy that also takes into account the national wine strategy and which will be based on the following three main points:

  • Its main objective is to create a valuable image for Greek wine on international markets.
  • It will show the comparative advantage of Greek wine due to the native varieties and the special terroirs of Greece.
  • The authenticity of Greek wine, which differentiates it on an international level.

The two Organizations acknowledging that a) exports, especially products with high added value, are a basic pillar of the Greek economy, b) the Greek wine sector is one of its most dynamic and extrovert branches, c) the wine is one of the main products-ambassadors of Greece, d) the increase in the recognition of a product of primary production with indication of origin from Greece helps to further establish the brand name “Greece” and e) it is necessary to draw up a single export strategy and integrated promotional programs for the wine industry in the country, agreed to:

  • Materialize coordinated actions to implement a single export policy for the promotion of Greek wine abroad.
  • Set up a working group which will propose an annual projection program, under the guidance of the Management Authority of the National Wine Entity.
  • Intensify the effort of informing all wineries about the initiatives taken and encouraging them to participate.
  • Make every effort to ensure adequate funding for the implementation of promotional activities abroad.

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