Domino’s Pizza supported the non-profit Wise Greece Movement for 2 months by applying the award-winning * corporate social responsibility program “€ 0,01 makes the difference!” Thus, Wise Greece provided just 0.01 € of each online and offline order in September and October, aiming at purchasing essential food on behalf of the City of Athens Reception and Solidarity Center, which supports more than 26,000 people, including 5,000 children.

The action was crowned with complete success, since Domino’s Pizza, in cooperation with Wise Greece, managed to offer 2 tons of food to KYADA, while it is worth noting that the food was bought entirely by the small Greeks producers participating in the Wise Greece Movement, maximizing the social impact of the energy!

Even the “humble” 0,01 €, with good co-operation and a common vision, can improve the lives of many people and share many smiles…

Watch the interview of Melina Taprantzi, founder of Wise Greece.

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