The valuable organic olive oil, framed by the anti-oxidant action known as wild rose and cream, “conspires” to satisfy the needs of our body and soul, offering food, health, youth and glow to the skin.

Using natural hidden treasure ingredients, EUTHALIA, Natural Cosmetic Values, created 17 wonderful products that enhance anti-aging, shield youth and restore freshness through pure, natural methods and with 100% natural ingredients selected with rigorous quality standards, always in line with their physical properties.

The series of Greek natural cosmetics Euthalia “is signed” by Efthalia Stamatakis. A source of inspiration for the creation of the company was her imaginative grandmother and her own unique recipes for wonderful soaps and heraldry that made the house fresh and her skin shine from health.

Today, EUTHALIA, Natural Cosmetic Values combines the knowledge of the properties of natural materials with the latest cosmetics to give the modern woman the choice to shield her youth with pure natural cosmetics but also to erase the signs of time with bioactive cosmetic recipes based on traditional values.

EUTHALIA Natural Cosmetic Values will continue the journey of discovering natural miracle treasures that will improve our daily quality of life without wearing chemical and synthetic elements, as well as Parabens, SLS, PEG, Ethanolamines, Phenoxyethanol, Mineral oils, Perfum, Colors , Silicones and PPG.