For almost a year, Pedro Olalla and his collaborators have been developing a new project: an audiovisual version of the book “Greece in the air”. They want this work, under its new form of film “docufiction”, to offer, even in a more lively way, that suggestive reflective walk through the Athens of yesterday and today, evoking, in the company of its author, the valuable heritages and the pressing challenges of the ancient Athenian democracy in our day.

It will not be a film for its exhibition for commercial purposes; they want it to be a starting point – a tool – for the organization of civic, cultural and educational events in which reflection on democracy is common. About his past, his present and his future. About our involvement as the only true guarantee of their survival.

Therefore, the film cannot be acquired in the market nor will it be, initially, available for viewing on the Internet. It can only be seen in those acts, accompanied by the living word and by the possibility of a colloquium. However, all of you who helped create it by participating in the MICROMECENAZGO initiative you will receive timely information on the progress of the project and, in January 2018, an electronic copy of the feature film – in Spanish and / or in Greek -, licensed “Creative Commons CC BY-NC-ND” for your personal use or for use it freely in classrooms and non-profit cultural events.

More information on the initiative can be found here.