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Many Greeks, despite the challenges of our times, have managed to make a difference with their passion, ideas and hard work. We give a voice to these Leaders to talk about what they have accomplished and to become role models for the productive, inventive and innovative part of Greece.

Giannis Tselepos, Tselepos Winery

After a ten-year study and monitoring of the Arcadian vineyard, Yiannis Tselepos chose in 1989 the installation of the Tselepos Winery on the eastern slopes of Parnon. Within 300 acres of private vineyards, Tselepos Winery is fully adapted to the environment and the ecosystem of… LEARN MORE

Kostas Vriniotis, Vriniotis Winery

The family company Vriniotis winery is located at Gialtra, a small village of North Evia, 14km from Aidipsos. The relationship between wine and vineyard exists from older, from the era when Konsatntinos Vriniotis’s father started planting vineyards in the area and built the old traditional… LEARN MORE

Υliana Stengou, Domaine Porto Carras

In 2002, the historic vineyard Porto Carras has implemented a comprehensive restructuring program for the vineyards, in order to respond to new trends in viticulture and new flavors of wine. Transcript In December of 1999, our company, Technical Olympic, purchased the Porto Carras Grand Resort,… LEARN MORE