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Many Greeks, despite the challenges of our times, have managed to make a difference with their passion, ideas and hard work. We give a voice to these Leaders to talk about what they have accomplished and to become role models for the productive, inventive and innovative part of Greece.

Yiorgis Yerolymbos

Yiorgis Yerolymbos was born in Paris, France in 1973. He studied Photography in Athens and Paris, and Architecture in Thessaloniki. MA in Image and Communication in Goldsmiths College, University of London (1998) and PhD in Art and Design from University of Derby (2007). He has… LEARN MORE

Melina Taprantzi

Wise Greece aims to promote Greek products made by smaller producers, while supporting soup kitchens, social groceries, orphanages and various institutions, by providing them with food. Producers who cooperate with Wise Greece can promote their products and reach markets that would not be feasible were they… LEARN MORE

Vivian Philippa & Dianna Karvounis

Industrial designer Dianna Karvounis and architect Vivian Philippa founded Two Is Company in 2009, reflecting a selective approach to the definition of beauty. Each stage of their creative process is managed within the meaning of the central concept, giving a distinctive entity in what they… LEARN MORE

Isidoros Sideridis

In 2000 five friends, all graduates from IT university, but mainly IT enthusiasts, envisioned a company that would offer the most intelligent and original solutions to companies that need these services. So they created SiEBEN, a company that since keeps evolving, expands its areas of… LEARN MORE