Mindspace Bootcamp is a challenge for students of all academic backgrounds (from the first year to PhD students) to create a zero-tech technology idea driven by experienced mentors and utilizing the organization’s infrastructure to gradually integrate entrepreneurship and make their ideas a reality. The product of each group should fit into one of the thematic categories below, in which we have identified that there is significant interest and growth prospects for start-ups.

The thematic categories are:

Smart Cities, smart solutions to provide better services to residents and create a more sustainable society using digital technologies.

Biotechnology, solutions to optimize the use or creation of new machines and Big Data applications in health care.

Fintech, solutions that highlight new ways of financial transactions, innovative ways to manage data and optimize processes in decision-making systems.

Digital Learning, solutions with applications of new technologies as learning methods or as tools that optimize the learning process, focusing on distance learning, learning difficulties and personalized training.

Open category, solutions on any other technology industry such as space and its applications in telecommunications and perception through the use of Machine Learning algorithms and visualization methods.

The aim of the action is to create teams to develop into start-ups by requiring them to enter an incubator or by drawing up funds for the continuation of their work. In each subject, we will accept applications until March 5th and will begin evaluating them through an evaluation system in collaboration with Mantis Business Innovation, which will be based on the following factors:

The characteristics of the members and their ability to carry out the work / idea.

The commitment of the members to take up the end with their business idea.

The importance of the problem solved by the business idea.

The innovation of the proposed solution and the technology to be applied.

The resources that will be needed to implement the business idea.

The size and growth rate of the market for the idea.

The selection of ideas will be completed by 12 March.

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