Nektar, who has been very familiar with coffee since 1951, created with love exclusively for the non-profit Wise Greece Movement, a series of aromatic Greek coffees for good purpose! The traditional flavors are “entangled” with the inspiration from today, to create the strong Greek coffees with the exquisite blend and the aromatic aftertaste that leaves every sip…

The series is supplemented by the classic flavors of Mastiha and Rose-Mastic, the original Milo-Cinnamon, the traditional Kardamos coffee, the winter Chestnut and cool bergamot, while you can prepare them exactly the same way you make the classic Greek coffee.

Try them and do not forget that with every sip you enjoy, you help us to provide even more basic food to people in need. Learn more and support the non-profit Wise Greece Movement!

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Watch the interview of Melina Trapantzi, founder of Wise Greece.

Watch the interview of Varvara Neofotistou, Managing Director of the Nektar coffee products company.