The musician Petros Klampanis announced his participation in the citizens’ movement Diazoma.

Diazoma is established in Athens, with the aim to protect, promote and revitalize the country’s ancient monuments, mainly ancient Greek theatres.

Its 10th General Assembly will be held from Wednesday 6th to Sunday 10th September, in East Macedonia and Thrace. The selection of the Region of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace is linked to the innovative program “Cultural Route of the Egnatia Motorway”, which is planned by the competent authorities, the Region, the Municipalities, the Ministries of Culture and Environment.

The above program, having a total budget of 45.807.000 Euros, was integrated into the Complete Spatial Investment of the Operational Program “E. Macedonia & Thrace 2014-2020”. DIAZOMA, always in full synergy with all the relevant bodies, contributes to the implementation of the above program.

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