According to Ipsos Mori’s “From Lockdown Habits to a New Lifestyle” survey for Samsung, 1 in 3 Europeans focuses on markets aimed at personal well-being and home improvement.

The determining factor in this trend that seems to have changed consumer habits and preferences was the outbreak of the pandemic and the lockdown. Research shows that consumers are 10 times more likely to spend extra money on smart technologies or devices than on branded clothing.

It seems that people’s lifestyles have been reshaped and personal life and homes have come to the fore. The study involved more than 10,000 people, a number capable of showing that the habits adopted during the lockdown period will change people’s lifestyles, from now on.

Benjamin Braun, Chief Marketing Officer at Samsung Europe commented: “Thanks to the huge increase in video calling and socializing on the internet, we are inviting more people into our homes than ever before – albeit virtually.”It makes sense that people want to express their personality more at home than ever before, so it’s no surprise that they’re much more likely to invest in smart home appliances than designer jewelry or clothing.”