and 100mentors have started a strategic collaboration with the aim to connect school and university students from all over Greece, with professionals and artists who belong to their community, through the #GReducation program!

Young people are asked to decide the path of their professional lives, without even having the essential knowledge about the most popular professions, let alone the new perspectives that modern society creates.

The two organizations aiming to change this status quo, have created a unique platform where school pupils and university students can communicate and discuss with professionals and creators that have excessive experience in the area of their interest. This enables them to learn from their experience, meet unforeseen aspects of the profession they have chosen, and finally shape an effective idea about the career they wish to follow. was founded in 2013 as an initiative to restore and promote our country abroad, through the stories of gifted and enterprising Greeks, thus presenting the most innovative face of Greece in business, science, research, trade and culture. is supported by Gina Mamidakis, President of the Foundation C. & D. Mamidakis.

#GReducation is a 100mentors initiative that brings 100mentors For Schools in public schools and 100mentors for Universities in Greek public universities.