On Thursday, January 14th, 2016, the organizations Arsis, Praksis, Network for Children’s Rights, the Union together for the child, the Asylum Service and the “solidarity-SolidarityNow” invite us at a joint press conference, carried out to mark the first anniversary of Athens Solidarity Center.

After a yearly co-operation, all  partners, coordinated by the “solidarity-SolidarityNow”, exhibit their work, the results of the actions taken and the multiple benefits of offering free services to those in need, functioning as one body.

The services provided to the Solidarity Center are free and addressed to all: adults and children who face poverty and social exclusion, with housing and insurance problems, migrants and asylum seekers/refugees, and to any families who go to them for consulting.

The Solidarity Center follows the policy “open doors” and is accessible to everyone regardless of nationality, religion, ethnic origin and social status.

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