StartUP Europe Week is organized by the European Commission as part of the Startup Europe initiative activities and it is organized in Chania, by the Association of Young Entrepreneurs and KEPPEDICH CMA.

The purpose of StartUP Europe Week is to highlight the actions of Startup Europe and all other local projects on (startup) entrepreneurship that are developed in 28 countries and 350 regions, aiming to contribute to the development of the ecosystem.

The SEW Chania will be:

Focused on regional / local level: providing information on the existing ecosystem and what local entrepreneurs can do. It is the ideal occasion for networking and for gaining information that local people cannot find online.

It is addressed to: businessmen, students, young scientists, representatives of organizations or businesses, social enterprises, cultural enterprises, academic institutions, local groups, community cooperatives, business consultants, economists, startuppers etc.

Venue: Chania, Center of Mediterranean Architecture

Date: 4 and February 5, 2016.

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Source:, community partner of is the largest online portal for entrepreneurship in Greece. The objective is not only to provide information for business, but to become the means of a direct, continuous and interactive communication inside the business community, that encourages and actively supports business initiatives.