Konstantinos Lazarakis, WSPC leaders stamp

Konstantinos Lazarakis entered the word of wine when he realized that it is connected with our senses and the good side of life, and that was something very attractive to him. Ever since he has given all his passion to the values of winemaking and winedrinking, which gave him the title of Master of Wine, a title that less than 500 people around the world possess.

“Talent alone is not enough” as he characteristically says. Ιt is passion and hard work that bring you in the front line and establish you as a creator in your field, which after all is the greater goal.

A mentor to many winemakers and entrepreneurs he tries to inspire passion, devotion and the ability of big vision, that each one of us and our country really need at this difficult times.

Video Transcript

My title is Master of Wine. It is considered the highest title that one could have globally and it requires a deep knowledge of the entire spectrum of wine making from the cultivation of the vineyard, up to the habits of the consumers. So it entails a variety of skills, not just one part of winemaking, and that makes it very exciting.

One of my responsibilities is to run my Wine & Spirits Professional Centre, which we call WSPC from its initials. WSPC is located in Greece and it operates as a training center mainly for winemaking professionals, but it also attracts wine lovers. Other than that I am a Wine Buyer for one of the most important companies in Greece, that focus on exporting and importing wine. I also run my own firm where I provide consulting to several kinds of companies, such as wineries, hotels, an airline and anything else really.

My most recent endeavor has to do with the marketing of wineries, along with the corporate identity and the business profile of certain wineries. I also work with an exceptional designer
in the advertising field, and I believe we will create beautiful things together.

For the last 10 years, WSPC has been providing Greece with the training material of the best educational center for winemaking globally, WSET, which stands for Wine Spirit Education Trust. For me, the goal is to make WSPC the wine training center of Balkans, in the next five years. I am convinced that its benefits will affect the greek wine overall.

Wine making in Greece is a rapidly evolving area. This is one more example of the positive effects of the crisis. Greek wine producers, since the 80’s have been producing high quality wines, but since the greek market was consuming the largest portion of the production, they were quite introverts.

Nowadays if you don’t export you are most likely to disappear. So the greek wine producers are adjusting the essence of their products, looking for wines with more unique characteristics than before, which guarantees them a significant role in the global wine market.

The main advantage of the greek wines are the local varieties. We have a big number of local varieties, which don’t exist anywhere else, and we don’t even know all of them yet. As a result, for a wine drinker that has had too many Chardonnays or Cabernets, tasting a Malagouzia, Vidiano or Limniona is something interesting to say the least, that deserves the lights of publicity.


  • Direction & Post Production: Alexis Skoulidis
  • Interview: Paris Kormaris
  • Make-up: Roula Lymperopoulou
  • Texts & subtitles: Elena Priovolou
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