The second Startup Grind 2016 is dedicated to a unique Greek company with a global presence. On Tuesday, February the 16th, in Technopoli Athens, Paul Evmorfidis, Founder of Coco-Mat takes us through a unique 27 years course of life and entrepreurship. He will share with us his vision that started in 1989 in the center of Athens, which was to offer the best sleep possible,  with sole ally nature,  and the different and unique approach to things that led Coco-Mat to 70 sale points worldwide.

The different approach that all his business decisions exude,  is also obvious to all aspects of the company. Coco-Mat is one of the few companies that embraces the diversity of its employees. The unconventional life of Paul Evmorfidis is evident in the most amazing way in the company. He moves around only by bike. He has a driving license but he has lost it too many times to bother re-issuing it again. Anyway in Amsterdam he does not need it. With his simplicity how did he manageto dream the impossible? How did he create one of the most iconic Greek brands that excels worldwide? Come and meet the man who changed everything with only guides, quality and nature!



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