La Mélancolie des Dragons by Phillipe Quesne will be presented at the central stage of Onassis Cultural Center, on the 26th-28th of February.

A visual anarchist and an alchemist of the gaze, the ground-breaking French director and visual artist Philippe Quesne comes to Greece for the first time on the invitation of the OCC. The tragi-comic spectacle he brings with him is extraordinarily beautiful,

unexpectedly humorous, and gives the word ‘melancholy’ a more positive make-over.

How much poetry can there be in an unexpected meeting in the middle of nowhere between a down-at-heel band and an old lady? ‘An infinitude’, would seem to be the reply from Quesne, who has enjoyed triumphs at the Avignon and Vienna festivals since 2003 and who continues to shake the theatre to its foundations with the extravagantly iconoclastic power of his productions.

In The Melancholy of Dragons, a battered old Citroën breaks down in a glade in the middle of an otherworldly, snow-covered landscape. There are six middle-aged headbangers in the car. An old lady who knows her way round an engine offers to repair their car for them. To thank her, they create a ‘recreational park’ with everything in their hard rock repertoire.

Together, the alpine landscape, the hard rockers with the Metallica T-shirts and the rock ballad “Still Loving You” by the Scorpions mixed with mediaeval cantatas, form a surrealistic hymn in praise of the human race’s most bizarre achievement: friendship.
Pop culture meets the metaphysical, cheap stage effects combine with highbrow Beckettian abstraction, melancholy with optimism and the theatrical lie with the truth of Nature: This is the ecosystem to which Quesne returns again and again to create his bizarre, oneiric and paradoxically funny spectacles.

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