The first part began with Block722 Architects and two exemplary cottages in Syros, approached from the initial idea to the last decorative detail. Subsequently, Dionysis Sotovikis spoke about expression beyond architecture and analyzed the key architectural elements, structural or not, taking as example his own extensive work, while Margarita Ventourakis from the architectural office Betaplan, developed the process behind Flagship Projects of Renzo Piano, the work of Santiago Calatrava in Greece, stressing the need for a common language between all members of a project. Kirios Kriton, through a huge amount of images, traveled the audience through time with some of his greatest works, from every stage, mainly focusing on his new art project “I will make you a Queen.”

In the second part, Stelios Kois expressed himself through animation, poetically commenting the importance of the experience of space, the magic of materials and the concept of time. Kommigraphics, coming from the visual communication, described the strategy to follow in the creative process of branding in the digital and analog world and Katerina Kotzia, the K & K Architects, referred to the value of the use of graphic design in small-scale design, referring to one of the best Greek pavilions at the Venice Biennale 2006, themed Archipelago.

Kyriakos Chatziparaskevas, spokesman of Heatherweek Studio showed amazing works of their London based office, such as the distillery company Bombay Sapphire and the Garden Bridge in England, the platform “Pier 55” in New York and the Campus of Google in California, and talked about the general philosophy of the office.

Onassis’ Cultural Center lobby was adorned with the “Contour Bench”, a creation of the Decode Fab Lab laboratory, strategic partner of ESO.

ESO was under the auspices of, also a community parner, and was organized by the online magazine for architecture and design and + Design.

By Crysokona Mavrou.
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