Bloode is a platform created to raise awareness and inform Greeks about blood donation, and inform the blood donors for the needs in donation, in order to meet the calls for blood.

On Sunday the 28th in February, during the event organized by Bloode «A day for children and volunteering” a blood donation will take place, dedicated to the children with neoplastic disease. The action will take place at 11: 00-15: 00, in Technopolis Athens.

The donation will be made possible with the cooperation of the “General Hospital Panagiotis and Aglaia Kyriakou” and the blood that will be gathered, will be given to Floga, for the needs of the children.

Along with the donating,  several creative and highly entertaining events are organized for the little ones, in cooperation with NGOs in Athens, aiming to occupy children during the donation, but also to help them experience the world of volunteering.

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