Ecommerce Europe aspires to the flourishing of e-commerce in Europe for this and presented a document of priorities for 2021 in order to lead European companies to a step of development and progress.

Last year, after the outbreak of covid-19, we were led to a digital transformation that came to play a strong role in the economy and society.

Ecommerce Europe summarizes in the following 11 proposals, which we should focus on creating a strong framework for improving European companies:

Seamless Markets: Adopting a Neutral Channel Approach in an Omnichannel Environment

  1. The role of platforms: ensuring the utilization of innovations with the parallel support of EU companies.
  2. Globalization: restoring a level playing field between “players” based in the EU. and non-EU companies
  3. Take advantage of opportunities offered by E-Commerce for a more sustainable Economy
  4. Ensure alignment and compatibility between the e-Privacy and GDPR regulations
  5. Strengthening efforts for a global solution to Digital Transformation taxation
  6. Facilitate a more harmonized regulatory framework for parcel delivery
  7. Creating an innovative and competitive cross-border payment landscape
  8. Take advantage of the opportunities offered by big data and New Technologies
  9. Providing financial support to Small and Medium Enterprises and reducing bureaucracy
  10. Supporting the digital transformation of companies with more investment in e-skills and infrastructure