On Thursday, March 31, 2016, the Industrial Gasworks Museum organizes in collaboration with the Hub of Innovation and Entrepreneurship of Technopolis City of Athens-Innovathens, the conference «Design for Growth». From design to development, a detailed discussion will take place between prominent designers and design teams of Athens, about the  significance of original design to  the cultural and economic development of a country.

Is it possible to evaluate the product of the creative industry in economic terms? How can industrial design contribute to the development of an economy?  Is it possble for a single brand identity  to be created in  Greece? How new technologies influence developments in design?

These questions are being posed to prominent designers and representatives of major design companies of Athens from different areas of design, such as Yiannis Gikas (Yiannis Ghikas Design), Manolis Iliakis (Yolkstudio), Michael George (G Design Studio), the Romina Karamanea Kostas Bisset (Papairlines) and Elias Giannopoulos (fixers).

Furthermore, in the spirit  of the conference, the new series of the Candlehandle colors will be presented: the candlestick designed by Yiannis Gikas, inspired by the old Gas factory of Athens, whose production was entirely undertaken by the Industrial Gasworks Museum, in cooperation with the Greek company Convex.

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design for growth