attended the Economist Conference that took place in Berlin. The Greece-Germany Business Forum highlighted the Greek – German relations and the opportunity which has arisen for a shift and improvement in Greek-German relations, after the third €86 billion Greek bailout package was approved, by the European institutions, earlier in 2015 and the recent recapitalization of the Greek banking system.

Confidence needs to be restored in order to boost economic and trade relations between Greece and Germany. Germany is key to Greece’s economic recovery, as its biggest trading partner and major creditor.

The buzzwords for dynamic business development, according to Ulrich Grillo, president of the Federation of German Industries, “were investment” and “trust”. Other speakers echoed this, emphasising the need to bring down barriers to entrepreneurship, including improved tax and legal enforcement measures.

At the same time, there has been a notable shift in German attitudes towards Greece: 33% of Germans favour “Grexit”, according to a recent YouGov poll, compared with 59% a year ago.

The event was attended by the Project Director of Mr Vassilios Bartzokas who had the opportunity to meet with key people from the German Entrepreneurial ecosystem as well as German Government officials and institutional players.

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