The Panorama of Entrepreneurship and Career Development, was successfully completed for the 6th consecutive year, at the Athens Concert Hall, from the 1st to the 3rd of April, 2016.

Many significant personalities from the entrepreneurial sector of the country took part in this three-day event, in order to inform, guide and inspire young people who wish to engage in business.

Ms. Gina Mamidakis, CEO of Bluegr Hotels & Resorts and President of the G.& A. Mamidakis Foundation spoke at the Panorama, about the multiple roles of a complete leader, for the value of the holistic leader.

Specifically, on Sunday April the 3rd, Ms. Mamidakis participated at the panel “Interesting initiatives for youth entrepreneurship” along with Fotis Draganidis, Technology Director at Microsoft Hellas, Papastratos of the Startup Greece Awards and Mr. Noussias Alexandros, of the Greek Entrepreneurship Prize of the Libra Group.

Ms. Mamidakis spoke of the support that senior leaders should offer to young people, through responsible and solid mentoring, since, it is their experience in the field of action, what actually helps the young in their beginning.

Ms. Mamidakis then referred to the initiative whose objective is to implement this responsibility. Through stories and personal narratives of Greeks that have succeeded in establishing their own business or artistic idea,’s goal is to lead by example and simultaneously to promote worldwide the Greek entrepreneurial spirit.

“It is important to set the grounds and show the way to the youngsters, as well as to communicate that Greece is a shining example of healthy and active entrepreneurship” Ms. Gina Mamidakis stated.

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