“Perennial Brands” which measure from 30 to 100 years of life will give us a magical trip in time, through a unique exhibition of advertisements and products that have remained engraved in our memory, and that will summon sweet memories in us all, this Saturday 16th and Sunday 17th at Athens Technopolis.

From such an event, EPSA could not be absent. EPSA has been accompanying aour moments, for the last 94 years. The visitors of the exhibition will enjoy EPSA and will get to know the people behind the success of this Greek brand, that passed from generation to generation and continues to this day.

Two days full of events are ahead for us with surprises, tastings and a large exhibition of historic photographs and posters from the brands that made history … for 30, 50, 70, 100 years in Greece. Two days full of Greece and “perennia” business.

The event is free for all. For more here.