The Archaeological Museum of Heraklion, through a series of activities to connect with the local community, alongside with the University of the Mountains,  they have co-organized an exhibition called “Ariadne’s thread and Penelope’s Loom. Penelope Gandhi at the Archaeological Museum of Heraklion”.

The events will take place from Tuesday, May the 24th till Monday, June the 20eth, in the museum hall and will include:

1. Installation of dummy Minoan vertical loom
2. Installation of traditional loom, where guests will have the opportunity to follow closely the art of weaving from weavers from all areas of Crete
3. Short films on the production and processing of flax yarn, silk and wool, the collection of herbs and dyeing art (from plants and minerals), preparation of yarn, parts of the loom, designs and weaving techniques 4. Lectures and discussions on issues related to weaving
5. Educational programs
6. Thematic tours

The guests of the event will have the chance to experience a rare experience of initiation in the art of weaving, from the Minoan until modern times.

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