This year Charis Tsevis had the great honor and pleasure to work on one of his dream project for a dream team. He has been commissioned by the United States Olympic Committee and their sponsor Citibank to create 3 mosaic murals for the Rio 2016 USA House.

He has collaborated with the amazing creatives of Publicis One Team in New York City to create 3 mosaic murals to decorate the roof gardens of the seven-story marble-clad school building right on Ipanema Beach that is home to Team USA’s Olympic athletes during the 2016 Rio games.

The idea was to pay a tribute to the city of Rio public art, the centuries long tradition of the Portuguese (and Brazilian) ceramic art and the modern street art of the US.

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A mosaic mural made out of tiles from the Selaron stairway in Rio, azulejos and ceramic tiles from the Portuguese and Brazilian heritage and photos from American flags and Olympic sides in Greece. Created to decorate the walls of the roof garden of the USA House in Rio 2016 Summer Olympics.