Salty Bag adds another emotional decision in its diary, with the beginning of its cooperation with WWF Greece.

The people of Salty Bag, always loyal to their philosophy which is to create bags from old sails of sailing boats, have created a new series entitled Salty Bag x WWF.

The range includes duffle bag, mini shopper and pouches while, they innovate even more by naming them after the Latin name for winds (Boreas, Eurus, Notos, Zephyrus).

Aiming at the support of the organization’s objectives, 10% of the market of each product will be given for the financial support of WWF Hellas. For this initiative, the co-founders of Salty Bag said: “We are very pleased about the cooperation with WWF Greece! We believe that synergies like this enable us to contribute, through our products, in activities relating to environmental protection.”