Charis Tsevis is a most charismatic visual designer with several awards and prizes in his resume. On Devember the 8th he released his latest work called “Wild Horses”, which is a series of mosaics of Ford Mustangs made out of pure asphalt photos.

This is a self initiated project he started last year. The idea came after he had worked for the new Ferrari headquarters in Maranello and together with his friends at Foolbite they developed a mosaic style that they called Tarmac. They created mosaics using different asphalt photos together with lines and other graphics you can find on a road.

So after months of experimenting and creating mosaics he decided to focus on a car he really loves, the Ford Mustang. He has printed these mosaics on mirrors. The reason behind this choice is to have a contrast between the dark asphalt and the shinny metallic parts of these vintage beauties.

See the photos below.





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