SiEBEN participates at an event organized by “The Economist” as an IT Sponsor. The event entitled “The World in 2017 Gala Dinner” takes place today Friday the 20th at Hilton Malta Hotel, Malta.

During the event the participants will have the opportunity to discuss with specialized executives of the company and be informed about the latest technological solutions and applications, which are able to offer corporate users the experience that is promised by a new era of Operational Information.

SiEBEN, thanks to its extensive experience available in the development, design and implementation of innovative technological solutions, is able to propose solutions to problems that plague businesses and organizations, having as main criterion the Go-To- strategy Market favored by each organization. The term Go-To-Market for a company is the combination of commercial functions (Sales, Marketing, Brand Management, Pricing and Consumer Insight) which leads to profitability.