The annual report «EU Industrial R & D Investment Scoreboard» for 2016 has been published by the General Directorate for Research and Innovation by the European Commission and the Joint Research Centre (JRC). Τhe report collects and reflects the main economic indicators and R & D indicators for businesses.

The 2016 version examines the performance of top 2,500 companies investing in R & D worldwide (which are responsible for 90% of total R & D spendings by businesses) and the 1,000 leading European companies investing in R & D. The scoreboard is accompanied by a european research on investment trends in the field of Industrial Research and Innovation.

In the list of the 1.000 European companies investing in Research and Development, 5 are Greek.

PHARMATHEN is one of them and it is placed in the 387th position (in the EU) with total investment 44.29 billion. Euro (1553 rank worldwide).