How brand stories become success stories, from the original idea and the first steps to the survival guide, funding and digital communication.

On Friday, May 25, at 6:30 pm, at Life Gallery athens in Ekali, three Leaders from, an investor and a digital creative director will share their knowledge and experiences about storytelling.

From the field of startup entrepreneurship, investment and digital marketing, speakers will talk about their own storytelling.

The Stories 

Session 1 – The original idea

Alexandros Sotiropoulos, Co-founder & MD, Bloode – How will your own information stimulate public interest?

Niki Smirni, Founder, Travelgems – Steps 1-2-3 to entrepreneurship.

Session 2 – Survival Guide & Funding

Roula Bachtalia, Program Manager, egg – enter • grow • go – Great conquests – Small stories: A survival guide for everyone.

Giorgos Papastergiou, Investment Analyst, Velocity.Partners VC – How to attract investors.

Session 3 – Brand Stories & Digital Marketing

Irini Georgi, Creative Director, DigitalWise – How brand stories compose brand identity and become a digital communication strategy.

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