AEGEAN offers the ability to train and acquire the necessary skills to 40 additional potential pilots.

AEGEAN, in the framework of the commitments undertaken last year, is implementing a new training program for 40 additional pilot pilots in two (2) Greek schools for the acquisition of an Integrated Commercial Pilot License with MCC. The Program is carried out following a program announced by AEGEAN in 2018 and already implements, at the selection stage, the number of candidates that met the selection criteria was reduced by 35 people from the estimated number of 100 candidate pilots. It is emphasized that the new training program for 40 additional pilot pilots concerns 30 Greek / Greek and 10 Cypriot / Cypriot pilot pilots.

Through this initiative AEGEAN wants to help young people and young people, who dream of becoming pilots, to make their dream come true by covering more than 50% of the value of the tuition fees. An extremely important support, as the total cost of studies for each future pilot, including aircraft type training, is over 80,000 euros.

The submission of applications together with the posting of the curriculum vitae is done exclusively via the AEGEAN web site and through the special form that has been posted, with the closing date of submission of the application form and curriculum vitae from August 30, 2019 to 23:59.

More information can be found here.