Talented bassist, composer Petros Klampanis is set to put out Irrationalities — his fourth album as a leader — exploring the trio format.

Petros Klampanis trio (aka “PKtrio”) is a formation that combines the jazz sound, with the world and classical music traditions. Kristjan Randalu is considered as one of the most compelling pianists of his generation. Bodek Janke is described as “a master of many dialects”, as he combines jazz with world music traditions.

The plan is for Irrationalities to release in October 2019, but it needed a push from fans and jazz lovers in general to get it to that finish line. That’s why Klampanis has turned to a successful crowdfunding campaign via Kickstarter and raised $20,000 needed to make this a reality.

His announcement: “As some of you already know, our Kickstarter campaign was successful! Therefore it’s official, Irrationalities will be released this Fall!”

Irrationalities is inspired by the courage one must have, in order to constantly reinvent themselves. It is dedicated to people who are not afraid to ask difficult questions and are willing to embrace the irrational element.

Irrationalities is scheduled for release in September 2019 in physical (on vinyl and CD) and digital (Spotify, Apple Music etc.) formats.

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