After many years, the municipality of Athens plans to revive 34 fountains in the city.

In order to beautify the city and give breath to the residents, the maintenance and re-operation of several fountains in emblematic squares of Athens has already begun, such as in Truman Square, at the junction of Veikou and Dimitrakopoulou Streets, in Rigillis Square, in the Ereum Foundation Square Metaxourgio, in Egypt Square, in America Square and in the area of ​​Fix Patision.

As mentioned in the relevant announcement of the Mayor of Athens, Costas Bakogiannis “Life in Athens passes through its streets, squares, sidewalks and neighborhoods. The fountains are links in this chain that is being created in the capital. Because the quality of life in everyday life is defined by everything that is next to us or in front of us but we did not see them because they were left, they were forgotten. Now, we are making these parts of the city visible. ”

The beginning was made some time ago with the fountain in Omonia Square and the reconstruction of the whole square and it continues that will give new life to the city of Athens.