Website designers usually find it interesing, perhaps useful, to experiment with new features, capabilities and tools. However, many of these extra tools often disorient and burden a website, while they can also distract from the essence of the work, or burden some key areas of a website.

Unfortunately, the lack of attention to the important areas of web design and development can greatly damage the final result.

There are 5 important points to keep in mind, so you know what to look out and make sure you are creating a high quality and functional website.

First of all, the speed of a website is a key factor in SEO ranking. This is because it affects the user experience on a site and Google wants to provide search results that offer a positive user experience. Also, a very important factor is the security of the website. In the above areas of speed and security a large number of plugins on a website is a major problem. The use of plugins should be done very sparingly, because they often act as obstacles to the security of a website and on the other hand they slow down its performance. A very important element is also the SEO strategies that must be followed in a website. And finally, the study of analytics. Make sure you check your data regularly and make changes where and when needed to achieve your business goals.

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