OK! Thess invites startups who want to present their business endeavor to investors from Greece and abroad to participate in the Thessaloniki Demo Day on September 12, 2019.

Following the highly successful Thessaloniki Demo Day held in Thessaloniki last March, OK! Thess is returning with its 5th consecutive event aiming to further network startups with the investing world.

The aim of the event is for mature innovative ideas to reach the right audience, which is Venture Capital funds representatives and other investors, in order to secure funding for their implementation.

The deadline for submission of applications is 25 August.

Eligibility for startups

The only essential requirement for a startup to participate in Thessaloniki Demo Day is its effort to reach the right level of maturity and preparation so that the founding team can present a complete investment proposal.

Teams do not have to come from the OK! Thess acceleration and pre-training program. The invitation to participate is open to any group from Greece and abroad. It is also not mandatory for a group to appear to investors for the first time.

Participation process

Applications from interested startups will be sent to investors for evaluation. Investors will be expressing interest in the groups they want to meet and OK! Thess will schedule their respective 1-1 meetings on September 12th.

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