The Panorama of Entrepreneurship & Career Development, the largest multi-sector conference on entrepreneurship for young people and professionals, returns for the 9th year, 29-31 March, richer than ever with the participation of about 250 distinguished rapporteurs and support of the most remarkable businesses.

Panorama addresses young people, mainly but not exclusively, 18-35 years of age, regardless of educational direction, with the main goal of informing them through 90 workshops, “Meet the Executives”, presentations, discussions (Information Technology, Shipping, Pharmaceuticals, Data Analytics, Health, Blockchain, Consulting, Digital Marketing, Artificial Intelligence & Robotics, etc.), in order to develop and maintain a wide range of business opportunities and prospects and choose the best path either as business executives or entrepreneurs.

In addition for the seventh year, Business Day, the very successful institution of educational visits to enterprises, which last year received an invitation to join 900 young and young, aged 18-30 at the 28 Business Day held.

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