In recent years, the educational institutions of Cyprus are firmly in the first places of the preferences of Greek students and are a top academic choice when looking for a high level of studies.

Cyprus has been proving for years that its universities are not only equal competitors of the Greek and wider European but also that it has become a pole of attraction for students who are looking for the best for their studies and professional future. This makes it a country with a dynamic academic profile and develops it into a pole of attraction for students from Greece and the rest of the world.

Students who arrive in Cyprus from Greece will quickly find that they live and study in a safe environment and adapted to the needs and desires created by student life. Safety, combined with the variety of activities in an environment where you can easily get in touch with peers with the same concerns, creates the ideal field of action for starting this new chapter that starts right after graduating from high school and leads in university studies.

The Cypriot universities meet the highest standards not only in terms of subject of study but also thanks to their European standard facilities, with state-of-the-art equipment and laboratories that “dress” in the most beautiful way an unforgettable academic experience. Affordable tuition costs are becoming a strong attraction, as they are combined with the highest standards of education, high quality studies and internationally recognized degrees.