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Drawing inspiration from the traditional art of weaving in Crete, Klotho creates unique and timeless products of superior quality that combine Cretan tradition and technique with motifs and colors that keep pace with modern trends and lifestyle.

Video transcript

Klotho is a new company. It has two years of life. Nevertheless, the idea and inspiration for its creation pre-existed. And it came out, when I realized that fashion and tradition, two things that I really love, could perfectly be combined with the art of weaving, a little unpopular art, but an art that really has a lot to offer.

Our products are clothes and handbags, made by traditional techniques and can be found in selected stores in Greece, in the Greek market, but also in our space, in our studio in Crete, which is a weaving studio and showroom at the same time.

Inspiration comes from everywhere, as long as you are relaxed and able to accept it. It can come from a traditional outfit, from a walk to the old town or the sea, from a visit to a gallery.

The process is done in the traditional weaving mode. It’s not a motorized process at all.

The pattern is chosen and woven into the traditional wooden loom as we knew it from our grandmothers. This is something that differentiates us from competition and is something that gives cultural value to the product.

Our company supports the local economy as we have consciously chosen the entire production process from the moment we get the thread until we end up with the final product to be done at our place in Rethymno.

The values of our company are responsibility, respect for tradition, quality, rescue and dissemination of a traditional technique that unfortunately was extinct in recent years.

Indeed, the response from consumers was something that gave us strength and courage to continue. Because if there was no positive response, if there were no good words from the consumers and people who see our work, I think there would not be a reason to continue.

Greeks love Greek products, they see all this shift in the creative part and they really love and embrace them and try as much as they can to support them.

Our company invests in sustainable development, focuses on people, respects the craftsman, helps the local economy and chooses environmentally friendly materials.

All the moments in Klotho so far are very important to us. When you start building a business from scratch, you have the purpose of rescuing and spreading a traditional art that for too long was in obscurity, such as weaving, every moment, every little success for us is a big step ahead.

What has become indelible for me is the interest shown by foreign TV channels for the tradition, the culture of Greece, and especially of Crete.

And more specifically, a big channel of the German TV, included us in the documentary that it prepared on Crete and presented the whole process of preparing the yarns and weaving in a traditional loom.

One of our goals is to showcase the values of the Greek. Because lately he has been misunderstood. We want to show that he is hardworking, has a good spirit, even in a difficult economic environment, and continues to dream, to create and to work hard.

I am Alexandra Theohari and I am the founder of Klotho.


  • Direction/Post Production: Christos Droutsas
  • Camera: Christos Droutsas
  • Sound: Lina Petrianou
  • Production Co-ordination and Interview: DigitalWise – Niki Oikonomopoulou
  • Texts & subtitles: Niki Oikonomopoulou
  • Project Manager: Kyriaki Kostolidou
  • Project Advisor: Vassilios Bartzokas

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