Anastasia Astypaliotou, Artion Greek Foods leaders stamp

Having worked for years in the food industry, Anastasia Astypaliotou decided to create Artion Greek Foods in order to promote worldwide the authentic food culture of Greece, the wealth of simplicity, the appeal of purity. Along with her team they are travelling all around the country, in order to discover and export the gastronomic treasures that the Greek land hides.

They work closely with local small producers, people who love their home country and respect their traditions. They choose only the elite of the Greek production and dress their products with a very special and elegant packaging, which promotes not only the product, but also the history of the land which produces it.

Video Transcript

The business idea pre-existed, as I personally have been involved in food industry for many years. Nevertheless, crisis has been certainly a motive, as well as the long-term perspective we saw behind the proper promotion of Greek products.

Our portfolio consists of two product lines: the premium collection of Stories of Greek Origins and the most mainstream and commercial Artion line. Our products can be found in few selected shops in Greece and abroad, from gourmet food stores to larger food chains.

Our products can be found in 15 countries, from Canada’s Vancouver, New York, Costa Rica, to Sydney, Tokyo, Seoul and London.

Our immediate goals are to further penetrate into the U.S. market, as well as to expand in other countries, considering that this year we will enter about 5 new countries. Moreover, we want to sign as many Stories of Greek Origins products as we can, promoting the Greek food tradition.

The selection of our products is based on the quality, the small production and the good cooperation with the producers.

Our company mainly helps in strengthening small local communities, because it invests and supports small producers.

Our products differentiate themselves thanks to the exceptional quality that we always aim to have, choosing only the elite of Greek production, but also the very special and elegant packaging, which promotes not only the product, but also the history of the land which produces it.

Our company believes in the values of quality, safety, reliability and especially the ethos that we want in all our collaborations.

From the beginning, the response of the producers has been very positive, as they wanted to participate in our project.

The response of the consumers is also very positive, which is proved by our company’s 4-year history and development.

In the beginning of our company, there was no support from investors. We relied only on our own forces, which is something we continue to do until now.

Crisis has turned Greeks to Greek products. We believe this is very positive, because Greek land hides many treasures.

In our company’s 4-year life, we have won 25 international awards from competitions of very great prestige.

Our extra virgin olive oil, for example, from the mountainous village Daphne of Crete’ Sitia has won at least 15 awards.

Our brand is from the start designed to promote Greek culture abroad.

Our goal is to highlight abroad not only the nutritional culture, but also the credibility and the morality of the Greeks.

Artion Greek Foods’ vision is to continue to grow, signing all the best from the Greek land and giving it to the ends of the world.


  • Direction/Post Production: Christos Droutsas
  • Camera: Christos Droutsas
  • Sound: Lina Petrianou
  • Production Co-ordination and Interview: DigitalWise – Eleftheria Piperopoulou
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  • Project Manager: Kyriaki Kostolidou
  • Project Advisor: Vassilios Bartzokas

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