As part of AntetokounBros Academy’s parallel activities, the children participated in the innovative Basketball School, held in December, with the know-how of the Eurohoops Organization. It is an interactive program designed to inspire athletes and share knowledge that will contribute to their progress.

Basketball School aims to develop children as athletes, but also to gain general knowledge that will help them become better citizens. The first Basketball School workshop was held at the Onassis Foundation, where coaches presented a seminar on basketball techniques, featuring videos of the world’s top basketball leagues.

Οι μικροί αθλητές, μετά το εργαστήριο, προπονήθηκαν στη Λεόντειο Σχολή Αθηνών στα Άνω Πατήσια, λόγω βροχής, κάτι που συμβαίνει κάθε φορά σε περίπτωση κακοκαιρίας.

The children had the opportunity to watch Yiannis Antetokounbo and other basketball idols on the giant screen and, together with the coaches, to analyze in detail their moves and choices at specific game stages. The young athletes, after the workshop, were trained at the Leonteios School Athens in Ano Patisia due to bad weather conditions.

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