Antonis Ntatzopoulos leaders stamp

Antonis Ntatzopoulos is the president of the Hellenic Bankers Association – UK. HBA was created in 1994 in order to promote new co-operations and collaborations between the Bankers and Financial Professionals of Greece, Cyprus and the United Kingdom. Through their activities they assist their members to network, learn, be educated and present themselves in the financial sector of the City of London.

Video Transcript

The Hellenic Bankers Association in London, was established over 20 years ago. It started as a club of Greek Banks, with the goal to highlight the Greeks abroad and in Britain, to bring them together through networking and support their affairs in the City of London.

In practice our members benefit from two work streams of the Executive Board. Firstly, through major events, such as lectures and mini conferences and secondly through the interaction with the more senior members and discussing directly with our guest speakers. We give great importance to the theme of Greece and Growth. We consider that growth can be achieved. We support this through our public lectures, but also through our day to day activities, which aim to help find solutions for Greece to return to Growth, as a support to the State or to Private companies.

Few ideas exist that could be applicable to Greece. The point is how best to consolidate them and set a strategy. The HBA can support to this cause, to help give a direction or share the views of the international investor community and banks, and how all could participate to reposition Greece and private companies, in the international markets. We have to look into creating the necessary framework, so that Tourism and Shipping can drive Growth.

Innovation: Greeks think smart and have nice ideas. These ideas should be translated to viable business and be presentable to investors. We have some way to go. About 50 per cent of our members are below the age of 30. This will prove extremely important when they decide to return to Greece, bringing back international know how. It is not easy to change, but we have seen some significant steps towards an international presence. I am optimistic about this. Otherwise, I would neither be doing this job nor participate in the HBA.

Our task is to create optimism, to act as a lever for further engagement of Greeks abroad and those residing in Greece and Cyprus.


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