Apostolos Georgopoulos & Athina Karatzogianni, DrinkWorks leaders stamp

The initial concept behind DrinkWorks cocktail delivery was quite simple: delivering at home or elsewhere a package containing whatever is needed to make cocktails like a professional bartender, from the ingredients and the recipe, to tools and glasses. Thus came to life the Cocktail Kits, in 2010, offering classic cocktail recipes with rum, whiskey, vodka, tequila, cachaça, sparkling wine and Greek mastiha spirit. Co-founders Apostolos Georgopoulos (Brand Innovation Manager) and Orestes Argiropoulos (Product Design & Development), along with Athina Karatzogianni (Project & Event Coordinator) form the base of the DrinkWorks cocktail delivery team, which includes a flexible array of collaborators.

All DrinkWorks services have been developed with the consumers’ needs in mind and are constantly updated according to their feedback and requests. Apart from classic cocktail selections, DrinkWorks already offers virgin cocktails and a selection of hot chocolates, and plans on gradually including all kinds of beverages and beer. The packaging is eco-friendly and combines practicality and aesthetics.

Expanding the offered services, DrinkWorks does cocktail party delivery, either with special party kits or with the so-called Cocktail Jars, which contain a cocktail ready to drink once ice has been added. DrinkWorks cocktail catering is ideal for private or business parties and events, with or without a bartender. There are also tailor made services for private or corporate gifts and product launches.

Whenever travelling in Greece or abroad, the DrinkWorks team always looks into ways of establishing the cocktail delivery and cocktail catering services to new territories. The team is also constantly in search of expansion opportunities into other fields, more or less related to what they already do, from adding new drinks in the list, to developing special equipment or even pieces of furniture for bars.


  • Direction & Post Production: Alexis Skoulidis
  • Camera – Director of Photography: Konstantinos Grigorakakis (www.cgcfilms.com)
  • Make-up & Grooming: Roula Lymperopoulou
  • Interview & Texts: Paris Kormaris
  • Project Manager: Agapi Tsakpinoglou