The Archisearch and Design Ambassador awards will be presented on the 4th of February in the evening at the Onassis Foundation. This year, 3 men-pillars in the engineering and architecture field, will be honored, men who have left a strong impression in our country.

Three brilliant personalities of our country will take the baton. The world-renowned professor Theodosis Tassios, the “brain” of the positive side of our city, Ioannis Vikelas, and Konstantinos Decavalas, the last living architect of the modernists generation, who is not only a person with historical importance, but also a living part of reality.

Vassilis Bartzokas, founder of, said: “These great people have linked their personal creativity and vision to social benefit and economic prosperity. Through the awards, we want to contribute with our own strengths to recording and highlighting practices born by the history of design in Greece, that should be a compass for a healthy future.”

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