The teams of ARTOGETHER-Art for People with and Without Disabilities, closed this year with special walks and as always with a creative mood!

ARTOGETHER supports its action on the following principles that have as common denominator the belief in the unlimited possibilities of man and the right to equal opportunities.

Its goal is to offer people with disabilities the opportunity for artistic creation. To organize accessible programs that allow people with disabilities to participate equally in the cultural life of the place. To connect individual artistic efforts and to organize unifying artistic events and workshops for people with and without disabilities. To train specialists in the field of education, culture and art in the field of disability. To encourage Greek artists to be active in the field of people with disabilities. To convince the state and the general public of the diverse talents often possessed by people with disabilities and their right to equal participation in art and culture.

The above objectives were developed and enriched in parallel with the action of the organization, the experience gained, as well as the general improvement of the position of people with disabilities in the society.

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