Theano Ravazoula – Potamianou, the woman behind the creation of the brand Aumorfia, with a view to concentrate on a label her experience in the field of interior & graphic design, as well as in interior design and lifestyle magazines, presents her new collection Fragments.

This year’s collection Fragments draws inspiration from a bygone era by incorporating accessories with vibrant but minimalistic lines. It is all about the memories and the sensation of a bygone era, when materials were primordial and authentic, when handmade work was of value and the process of production in fashion, required time, effort and attention.

Inspired by another era

In this collection, Aumorfia draws inspiration from the beginning of the Industrial Revolution, its passage through the Victorian era, its impact on the New World during Wild West and the influence of all these evolutions upon clothing habits.

The Fragments collection uses, for the first time, buffalo leather which is combined with handmade bronze or oxidized solid silver, in its most luxurious version. The metallic elements, with their intense industrial character, allow the collection’s pieces to be interconnected and to operate in many different ways, such as parts of a well-oiled machine.

Necklaces piece together handkerchiefs and handcuffs, pockets act as auxiliary cases, porte-clés are hanged from the belts and different earrings become pairs, creating a set of jewelry and accessories for people with a creative disposition and the love to blend old and modern elements into their style.

Why choose Aumorfia…

The word Aumorfia is not a real word. It is a pun that embodies the opposing notions of “beauty” and “amorphism”, in an attempt to imprint beauty, through the multiple forms that accessories can gain by their owner’s personality.

By approaching the jewelry with an architectural, minimalistic look and by following the principles of industrial design and through simple, clear lines and geometrical compositions the brand strives for an outcome that exudes sophisticated elegance with a hint of a mystical fascination.

While leather is the main material, the brand also uses materials of Greek origin and collaborates with Greek craftsmen and small family businesses, while the final stage of production is handmade.

With core value the quality and authenticity, Aumorfia addresses to a demanding audience with incompatible style, adventurous character and strong personality.

Love Greek Fashion by the Pool – An Evening Dedicated to Greek Fashion

Theano Ravazoula – Potamianou with the brand Aumorfia participated in the thematic event of “Love Greek Fashion by the pool” which took place at Life Gallery athens on June 10, 2019.

With this event, which is part of its thematic presentations and actions, supports new talented designers who shape modern Greek fashion and boosts their extroversion. To achieve this, the G. & A. Mamidakis Foundation joined forces with OZON’s publisher, Giorgos Kelefis and the journalist Maria Papoukidi, who contributed with their specialized knowledge to the selection of talented people involved in the event.


Photography: Alexander Papakonstantinou
Costume Curator: Notis Sakoulas
Dresses: 2wo + 1ne = 2
Hats: Savapile
Shoes: The Last Conspiracy
Image processing and graphic design: Visual Bytes
Models: Valisa Gotsi, Stella Panagopoulou (designers)