Yiannis Charalambopoulos & Vagelis Liakos, Beetroot Design Group leaders stamp

Beetroot design group is a Thessaloniki based, multi-awarded communication design office and think tank that provides design services and solutions to a worldwide clientele.

Interview transcript

We started Beetroot as a vision, basically because we wanted to find the eternal life. While still discussing as three friends from high school, during our teenage exploration about what we want to do in our lives, we discovered that we just wanted to get together and discover a new world.

During these years of work, we discovered that there are too many forms of visual arts that we can develop, as well as forms of communication. So what we really want to do is to communicate stories and information.

The services offered by Beetroot are a wider range of branding, which means that we build characters and images for customers that belong in the service, production and product sectors.

We decided to have our creative headquarters in Thessaloniki, because we built our families here. The city offers freedom, has a very good quality of life and also because there are no borders, traveling is easy.

The visual identity of Greece, the so-called rebranding of the country, is a long-running and suffering project.

Nevertheless, not to avoid the question, I would say it is perhaps the time to aim for the future and to give up our glorious past, on which we have been relying on every country campaign lately.

One of the biggest challenges we face in our work is the friction management with our customers and partners. As much as this sounds strange, it may be more painful than the creative process itself, and you really need to make a great deal of effort to safeguard the aesthetic and creative outcome that also aims at the commercial continuity from any alterations or compromises.

Staying forever young is a key component of our success for the last seventeen years. It’s something that we have in our minds all. The question is how you achieve this.

What works for us is our frequent engagement with self-initiated projects.

We had the honor to be awarded in several competitions both in Greece and abroad. I believe the most important moment in Beetroot’s history, it was our distinction as Agency of the Year at the Red Dot Communication Design Awards in 2011.

On the occasion of our distinction as Agency of the Year at Red Dot, we were invited to present our work on the ceremony.

So we decided to create the Greek Monsters Exhibition and we chose the monsters precisely because it was an opportunity to express the values that we considered to be topical, such as diversity and racism.

The monsters, after their presentation in Berlin, began a long journey through Athens, Thessaloniki, Belgrade, Singapore and ended up on the other side of the Atlantic to Chicago and New York.

Beetroot’s future steps are going to be plenty. One of them is our development abroad. We have already started an office in London and we are trying to penetrate the market even stronger.

We are also very interested in documentaries and movies, so we want to grow on this track as much as possible. Ideally in the next few years we will have made a film of our own.

I am Yiannis Charalambopoulos and I am co-founder of Beetroot Design Group.

I am Vagelis Liakos, co-founder and Art Director of Beetroot Design Group.


  • Direction/Post Production: Panos Tsirozidis
  • Camera: Dimitris Zografakis
  • Production Co-ordination and Interview: DigitalWise – Niki Oikonomopoulou
  • Texts & subtitles: Niki Oikonomopoulou
  • Project Manager: Kyriaki Kostolidou