12 Hotel Projects and 400 selected guests have transformed the specially designed room of the 100% Hotel Show into the largest Hellenic Hotel Design meeting, confirming for one more year that the 100% Hotel Design Awards 2019 are the premier Greek Hospitality Design Event. With hotels from different parts of Greece as well as the first hotel award from Cyprus, the Hotel Design Awards have highlighted the hotels that will stand out for their distinctive Design and Inspirational Architectural Design and win the best entries.

The awards were presented by the popular YouTuber Fotini Aristakersian, who, in combination with Interactive Visual Graphics, gave a more contemporary character to the evening highlighting the institution’s new era. However, the great success of the 100% Hotel Design Awards 2019 was endorsed by the presence of all the contestants, who shared the joy of the winners, since their choice of shortlisted entries is in fact one significant distinction, with a dynamic display throughout the institution.

The international nature of the awards continued with the presence of international names in Architecture on the jury, while the unique prize winner from Pedrali, will give the winners a unique opportunity to visit the company’s premises in Italy and develop new prospects for collaboration.

The big protagonists of the night were of course the winners, as they managed to stand out through a multitude of really high-profile entries that made the jury’s work difficult, with the result, however, receiving the common acceptance of all those attendees. The grand event of the 100% Hotel Design Awards 2019 ended with the VIP Opening Party at the main lounge of the exhibition, where the participants celebrated this special evening with the public.

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