With the Bronze Award in the “Workers” category of this year’s Responsible Business Awards, the blood donation organized by Blood-e for Space Hellas, was awarded. Under the title “Disrupting a 20 Year Old Tradition”, the action demonstrated how a different donation can be organized, with the help of communication, it can increase its participation by 70%!

The request of Space Hellas has had an even greater challenge: to organize a blood donation that differs after 20 years of lasting tradition to that end. That’s where Blood-e’s experience, with communication tools and applying a detailed timeline, has helped raise awareness and engage an already-active group of workers.

The process started with an internal blood donation campaign, with 10 employees from different parts of the company, who prompted their colleagues to join in this year’s blood donation. The video was accompanied by informational material for all employees and graphics for this different invitation. One day before the donation there was a separate breakfast, edited by Blood-e chef Pavlos Sifakis, along with nutrition information that improves our blood and a reminder for the next day. Blood donation was impressively high, with an increase of 70%, and the energy was completed with a recapitulative video about its action and its final results.

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